'Scarecrow headquarters' plans for fun half-term festival

Minions and other scarecrows at the Needham Market scarecrow festival 2020

Families from across Suffolk can take part in the Needham Market Scarecrow trail during October Half Term - Credit: Charlotte Lauren Stevenson/Tracey Watts

A mum from Needham Market is calling on families in the town to support this year's scarecrow festival which will help raise funds for a new skatepark in Crowley Park. 

During October half-term shops in the High Street and houses around the town, are all expected to get involved with the festival which proved a big hit last year as families looked for an alternative to trick or treating.

Childminder Chloe Land, who came up with the idea of the festival in 2020, she said: "It was really popular, scarecrows popped up everywhere, there were just more and more, it was incredible."

Needham Market scarecrows

The Needham Market Scarecrow Festival will make the perfect half term day out - Credit: Emma Holland

Scarecrows of Frozen characters, Boris Johnson, Donald Trump, and even a few Minions, all appeared around Needham Market last year. Mrs Land, who joked that she calls her home, "scarecrow headquarters", said: "We can never have too many scarecrows, there is still time to make them.

"Last year it was something I thought about doing with my own children and then more and more people got involved."

The mum-of-three said there is "lots of hidden creative talent in Needham Market" she added: "Kids don't always want to help and the parents end up doing something amazing."

Mrs Land has now decided to turn the festival into a fundraiser for a new skatepark, multi-use game area, and children's play area.

She said: " This is the chance to show your support for people's creativity, the skatepark won't just be for people living in Needham Market - it will be beneficial for everyone in the area." 

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She added: "I love the creativity of it all, you never know what you are going to get. There is a lot of thought and artistic work going into it. It will make a really good day out." 

Those entering a scarecrow into the festival, which will run between October 24 - October 31, will be able to make voluntary donation. There will also be collection boxes around businesses and homes in the town where families can pick up maps of where all the scarecrows will be located. 

Needham Market Scarecrow Trail October 2020

Children enjoying the Needham Market Scarecrow Trail in October 2020 - Credit: Tracey Watts

More information about the festival can be found on the - Needham Market Scarecrow Festival Facebook page. 

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