'We need more murals' - Ipswich artist on new exhibition and Banksy

Artist Catalina Carvajal who lives in Ipswich

Artist Catalina Carvajal who lives in Ipswich will be showcasing her art at the 142 Gallery in Hamilton Road Felixstowe this November - Credit: Gillian Evans

An artist from Ipswich who believes Banksy's 'spraycation' in East Anglia has "levelled up" street art in Suffolk will be opening her first ever solo exhibition later this month. 

Catalina Carvajal, 41, who moved to the UK from Bogata in Colombia, will be showcasing her work at the 142 Gallery in Hamilton Road in Felixstowe from Thursday November 25 to Wednesday December 1. 

Artist Catalina Carvajal painting a mural for Springfield Junior School in Ipswich

Catalina Carvajal painting a mural for Springfield Junior School in Ipswich - Credit: Paul Sutton Reeves

Mrs Carvajal, who said she is "very, very excited" about the exhibition, describes herself as a visual artist and illustrator and has recently created colourful murals in Felixstowe, Ipswich and Stowmarket. 

Speaking ahead of the exhibition called 'A Common Ground' Mrs Carvajal  described her work as: "surreal, fun, compelling and weird."


The artist from Ipswich will be showcasing her colourful work at the 142 Gallery in Felixstowe - Credit: Catalina Carvajal

She added: "My story and mixed emotions of leaving my home to settle in Suffolk comes through in my work. 

"I try to convey my own view of Latin America - differing from the stereotypical ideas, to say the least.

"Having spent a decade in Mexico City which is know for its incredible wall art I also bring an influence of activism in my own murals." 

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As well as showcasing her work inside the gallery, Mrs Carvajal will be painting a mural outside and is looking for a local business with an interest in the arts that may want to sponsor the piece. 

Speaking about street artist Banksy's visit to Lowestoft and Oulton Broad this summer Mrs Carvajal said: " When I was painting a mural in Felixstowe recently some people were shouting 'Banksy'.

Portrait of artist Catalina Carvajal

Artist Catalina Carvajal's solo exhibition - 'A Common Ground' will open in Felixstowe later this month - Credit: Paul Sutton Reeves

"I'm glad it happened (Banksy's visit) because it has levelled up street art in Suffolk. I love people having access to art in such an easy way, we need more murals." 

The 'A Common Ground' exhibition will be open every day between November 25 - December 1 at the pop up gallery and creative space in Hamilton Road from 10am - 4pm and Mrs Carvajal hopes it will have a welcoming atmosphere. 


The 'life in Suffolk mural' created by Catalina Carvajal for the Art East festival in Ipswich - Credit: Catalina Carvajal

She said: "I want it to be like a small party with Latin American music and cocktails - a real tropical vibe in the cold weather."

If you are a local business that wishes to sponsor the mural on the outside of the gallery you can contact Mrs Carvajal by emailing - hello@catalinacarvajal.com

Catalina Carvajal mural Ipswich

A vibrant mural Catalina Carvajal created for Rockafella Industries in Ipswich - Credit: Catalina Carvajal

'A Common Ground' is being promoted by Head East an exciting cultural tourism campaign for Suffolk and Norfolk.  

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