Snow 'unlikely' in cold snap due after what could be the warmest NYE ever

Frozen beach huts on Brackenbury Cliffs, in Felixstowe

Frozen beach huts on Brackenbury Cliffs, in Felixstowe - Credit: Sarah Lucy Brown

Despite national newspapers predicting snow as part of a cold snap next week, experts say that it is "unlikely" to hit this region.

However, it is possible that this New Year's Eve could be the warmest on record. 

Fred Best, a meteorologist at East Anglia-based forecasters Weatherquest, said: "Through this week, you can expect pretty mild temperatures ranging from 12-16 Celsius, while the average for this time of year is 6-8C.

"It will be a push for our region to beat the record, which stands at 17.7C, but it could be possible.

"It will get quite breezy, and the conditions will feel unseasonable, not wintry at all."

These conditions will last through to New Year's Day, but things will turn colder next week, with snow predicted in the north of England and Scotland. 

Mr Best said: "Here, we might see wintry showers but it is unlikely to snow, however, there is probable chance of a ground frost across the region overnight from Tuesday. 

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"Next week temperatures will be closer to average, with Monday being the warmest at about 10C while on Tuesday will see highs of 5-6C, and wednesday only 3C.

"There's some uncertainty about the second half of next week, although if it warms up, it won't be as warm as it is predicted this week."