Plans to upgrade major A12 junction revealed

A visualisation of the planned upgrades at the A12 junction with the M25

A visualisation of the planned upgrades at the A12 junction with the M25 - Credit: National Highways

Plans to upgrade a major junction of the A12 and M25 have been revealed, with the proposals to affect people driving between Suffolk and London.

Junction 28 of the M25 in Brentwood joins the motorway with the A12 and currently suffers with long queues and heavy congestion daily, with up to 7,500 vehicles passing through per hour during peak times.

In an attempt to improve the flow of traffic and allow more capacity on the exit slip roads, National Highways has announced plans to carry out upgrade works.

The proposals are set to explained in detail at a number of public forums next week, National Highways has said.

Drivers from Suffolk who regularly travel to and from London using the route will see their journeys affected while the following works take place:

  • A new two-lane loop road for traffic travelling from the M25 anti-clockwise onto the A12 eastbound will be built, including the construction of new bridges to take the loop road over or under the other road links.
  • The position of the the A12 eastbound exit slip road and M25 anti-clockwise entry slip road will be changed to allow for the new loop road, along with new signage and changes to the landscape.
  • The M25 anti-clockwise carriageway will be widened to provide more space for traffic leaving for the A12 eastbound.

Zachary Pepper, National Highways project manager, said: “Our plans to upgrade the M25 at Junction 28 will reduce congestion, improve journeys times and improve safety."