Tesco workers 'surprised' by pandemic portraits

Staff at the Tesco store in Stowmarket with their portraits

Staff at the Tesco store in Stowmarket were presented with portraits by Suffolk based artist Rebecca Guyver - Credit: Andrew H Williams

Key workers at the Stowmarket Tesco store said they were touched after a local artist surprised them with portraits she had painted during the pandemic. 

Artist Rebecca Guyver painted the portraits earlier this year as a way of celebrating key workers during the pandemic.

She then returned to store last week to present them to members of staff.

Darren Morton who works at Stowmarket Tesco

Darren Morton from Tesco in Stowmarket, proudly holding his portrait - Credit: Andrew H Williams

During the presentation, Rebecca said: "Before painting the portraits of the key workers I was appreciative of the work they were doing but it wasn't until Bev (Tesco Community Champion) took me behind the scenes of Tesco Stowmarket, that I realised what a special group of people work here and what a special place it seems to be to work in."

Speaking about his portrait, which was initially showcased at an exhibition at Colchester Hospital,  Tesco worker Darren Morton said: “We've been focused so intensely in our work, it has been a real surprise for it to be recognised in such a way and this has been quite touching."

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