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St John's Wort brings a touch of brightness to the garden Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto

St John's Wort brings a touch of brightness to the garden Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Enjoy Gardening More is offering £10 off this impressive collection.

Keep your garden flowering right through the winter and add year-round curiosity with a ready-made Winter Hardy Shrub pack of exquisite, colourful flowers, vibrantly-coloured berries and stems, and exceptionally fragrant flowers - simply amazing value for money.

Today, our Enjoy Gardening More deal of the day includes this pack of 12 shrub varieties discounted by £10.

Proven winners, you can easily fill any gaps you might have in your existing beds and borders or start from scratch. Each individual shrub can fill 1m2 / circa 10ftsq. Create a stunning visual display combined with a degree of privacy, as well as a natural safe haven for a wide variety of wildlife.

Varieties include:

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Symphoricarpos albus: Known as the 'Common Snowberry' for obvious reason! The berries provide much needed winter food for wildlife.

Syringa vulgaris: The common lilac produces fragrant lavender coloured blooms each May. Hardy and deciduous and great for hedging,

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Cornus alba: The 'Red-Barked Dogwood' provides fantastic autumn colour with its bright red vertical branches. In summer it leafs up and even has soft pink flowers in mid-summer.

Potentilla 'Red Ace': Beautiful scarlet-red flowers all summer long, contrast wonderfully with rich green foliage.

Hibiscus syriacus Blue: Exotic yet hardy! Torrents of lavender-blue flowers each summer.

Spirea douglasii: Part of the rose family, it is often know as the 'Rose Spirea'. Easy to grow with masses of pretty pink flowers in early summer. Perfect for small spaces.

Forsythia intermedia 'Spectabilis': Literally one of the most spectacular early season shrubs because of its bright yellow bloom. Perfect for hedges and really easy to grow.

Hypericum moserianum 'St John's Wort': Lush green foliage and pretty, bright yellow flowers all summer long. Perfect for a sunny or part-shaded position.

Deutzia scabra: Also Known as the Fuzzy Deutzia, this native of Japan and China smothers itself in pure white fragrant flowers in June.

Berberis thunbergii 'Atropurpurea': A great hedging plant because of its spiky branches, but also a beautiful garden plant. The yellow flowers appear in late spring and the purple foliage provides lovely autumn colour.

Philadelphus coronarius: Commonly known as the 'Mock Orange' it will be clothed in a profusion of creamy-white flowers throughout June and July. The flowers are fabulously fragrant.

Weigela rosea: A lovely garden shrub, with fabulous pink flower colour in May, June and July.

It's important to remember that these plants are normally supplied in their dormant state. This means they are supplied without leaves, looking more like dried twigs. But don't worry, they will soon establish in the ground and will begin to show signs of growth in warmer weather, when they will burst into leaf.

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