Here's how you can see this week's partial solar eclipse

amazing phenomenon of sun eclipse over cloud sunset red orange sky

A partial solar eclipse will be seen this week - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Skygazers are in for a treat this week, with a partial solar eclipse due to be visible as the moon passes between the earth and the sun.

On Thursday, June 10 morning, nearly a third of the sun will be blocked out by the passing moon in what is known as an annular solar eclipse. 

The partial eclipse is expected to begin at around 10.10am in the UK.

The maximum eclipse is set to occur at 11.13am, with the moon covering a third of the sun. 

The partial eclipse is due to end at 12.22pm. 

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The annular solar eclipse takes place when the sun and the moon are directly in line with the earth. 

What you will need to see the solar eclipse?

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Looking directly into sunlight can be very dangerous for the human eye, so it is recommended that observers wear eclipse glasses. 

Where is best to watch the eclipse?

Because of the time of the eclipse, the sun is already expected to be quite high. As long as you are out of the way of tall buildings and trees,ou should get a good view of the event. 

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