Fundraiser for off-road wheelchair for boy suffering from rare condition

Zac Cox

A fundraiser has been launched to raise the £3,500 needed for an off-road wheelchair for Zac. - Credit: Lauren Cox

A fundraiser has been launched to try to get a boy who suffers from a rare condition an off-road wheelchair.

Eleven-year-old Zac Cox from Stowmarket stopped breathing when he was a baby due to a rare metabolic condition called MADD. This left him with brain damage, epilepsy, developmental delay, blind and a non-walker.

Zac enjoys going out on dog walks and to watch his brothers play rugby and football. However, a normal wheelchair can prove problematic for him and so a fundraiser has been launched to try to raise the £3,500 needed for an off-road wheelchair.

Zac in his wheelchair

Zac loves watching his brothers playing football and rugby, but it can be uncomfortable for him when not on solid ground. - Credit: Lauren Cox

Zac's mum, Lauren, said: “He uses it because his brothers do a lot of rugby and football and he likes going up to the park, where a normal wheelchair does not work, the minute you take it off concrete it’s useless.  

“He’s got hyper-mobility so his hips dislocate quite a lot and they’re constantly out of joint.

“So, when he’s in his normal wheelchair off road because there’s no suspension or anything like that it can cause him a bit of pain. 

“With an off-road wheelchair there’s a bit more suspension there so it makes life a lot easier and comfortable for him. 

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“Also, with this wheelchair it can be attached to a bike, so we can go on a family bike ride."

After Lauren unsuccessfully tried to attain charity funding for an off-road wheelchair, her friend, Genna Rowney decided to step in and help try to raise the funds.

As part of the fundraising effort, Genna's husband has volunteered to wax his chest on a live stream on June 3.

“It would be amazing if we raised the money, we could actually spend some time as a family, Zac wouldn’t be in pain when we go out, going to watch the kids play football or rugby, and just going to the park would be easier.  

“We’d be able to go to the beach too, it would make life so much easier. 

“It would mean a lot to all of us,” Lauren added. 

A link to Zac's GoFundMe page can be found here.

More information about Zac and his journey can be found on his Facebook page here.

Promotional image for wax for Zac

Genna's husband has volunteered to wax his chest to raise money for the cause. - Credit: Lauren Cox