End of Plan B: Students should be 'applauded' for efforts says Suffolk headteacher

students face mask

Students in Suffolk will no longer have to wear a face ask in the classroom following the end of Plan B restrictions - Credit: Pavel Danilyuk/Pexels

The removal of Plan B Covid-19 restrictions will mean from tomorrow, January 20, people will no longer be encouraged to work from home and face masks will no longer be required in any school classrooms.

From next week face coverings will not be compulsory anywhere and NHS Covid passes will no longer be needed at large events.


Stowmarket High headteacher Dave Lee-Allan

Stowmarket High headteacher Dave Lee-Allan - Credit: Charlotte Bond

Stowmarket High head Dave Lee-Allan understands some people may be anxious that face masks will no longer be compulsory, but believes the focus should be on how well pupils have continued to learn throughout this period.

"Students should be applauded for the effort they've applied. Masks in classrooms are uncomfortable but they've tolerated that because they've been part of a collective effort," said Mr Lee-Allan.

"We as teachers have really appreciated that, and no doubt there will be many smiling faces as they know when they come back into school tomorrow that they can engage in their learning without being in a position of having to wear a mask."


Paul Simon of Suffolk Chamber of Commerce. Picture: Paul Simon

Paul Simon of Suffolk Chamber of Commerce. Picture: Paul Simon - Credit: Archant

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The ending of Plan B rules will help Suffolk businesses get back on track with their recovery according to Paul Simon, from the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce.

Mr Simon said: "This is a progressive step allowing the county’s management teams and entrepreneurs to focus on the tasks in hand in successfully rebuilding their businesses and contributing to our collective and sustainable future prosperity.

“We hope that the lessons from Plan B and all previous restrictions are truly learned, such that should future variants of Covid-19 necessitate interventions then the Government will ensure that communications with businesses are a priority and that any support schemes are detailed at the earliest possible juncture to give businesses the confidence they need to make any adaptations.”


Brendan Padfield, Unruly Pig owner PICTURE: CHARLOTTE BOND

Brendan Padfield, Unruly Pig owner - Credit: Archant

Face masks were required to be worn in indoor settings such as shops and supermarkets, but not pubs, restaurants or clubs.

Gastro pub owner Brendan Padfield, who runs the Unruly Pig at Bromeswell, did, however, require customers to wear facemasks and will continue them to do so after tomorrow. He said: "Although the plan B rules did not require our customers to wear face masks, we have always insisted that they do.

"We take the issue of our customer safety extremely seriously and we have preferred to stay on the safe side."