A risqué postbox topper is causing a stir in Suffolk village and has gone viral online. 

The creation, which is on top of a postbox in Harleston, near Stowmarket, shows a nude man in socks and sandals watering his plants. 

A sign, next to the creation, reads: "Albert was feeling a bit stiff after pricking out his seedlings."

Bev Mayhew is the mastermind behind the artwork, which has gained thousands of likes on social media. 

Mrs Mayhew creates a new design each monthMrs Mayhew creates a new design each month (Image: Bev Mayhew)

"The toppers started about 14 months ago when we had a party on the village green," said Mrs Mayhew, who lives in the village. 

"The next month it was Eurovision, so I did something for that. 

"Each month, it has just got a little bit more whackier. Halloween was a witch who looks like she has gone into the postbox, with just her feet and broom sticking out."

Mrs Mayhew said the latest idea is inspired by "Nudinits", woolly characters which poke fun at village life with innuendos.

The topper shows a nude man watering his plantsThe topper shows a nude man watering his plants (Image: Bev Mayhew)

Although she normally creates a new design each month, August will see her try to add to the current design. 

"There's so much work that has gone into it, it needs adding to rather than a new one. There's going to be more personalities going up - a few more animals, a bare bottom garden gnome even.

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Bev Mayhew, the creator of the worksBev Mayhew, the creator of the works (Image: Bev Mayhew)

"It took nine hours to actually put the figure together and that's not including all the pieces. 

"The pieces are so intricate. Even on the hands, the fingers have pipe cleaners in them, the arms have pipe cleaners in them so they are moveable.

"I couldn't count the hours, I really don't know."

Mrs Mayhew's design attracted praise from people on social media. 

One person said: "Oh my goodness that’s absolutely brilliant."

Another added: "We all need some fun in our lives! Well done it's great."