Plans for a new petrol station off the A14 in a mid Suffolk town have been given the green light. 

FPC Income and Growth PLC submitted proposals to Mid Suffolk District Council in February last year to build on vacant land in Needham Road, Stowmarket. 

The plans would see a petrol station, along with jet washing and electric vehicle charging facilities, built just off the Gipping Way roundabout outside the town.

The petrol station will be built off the Gipping Way roundaboutThe petrol station will be built off the Gipping Way roundabout (Image: Google Maps)

Concerns surrounding its proximity to other petrol stations in the town had been raised. 

Objecting to the plans, Stowmarket Town Council said: "The town council also believes that the provision of another petrol filling station so close to those at Tesco and the Esso garage at the bottom of Poplar Hill, Combs Ford may lead to the closure of a filling station, providing no net gain, as there may not be sufficient business for all three filling stations to be viable."

The loss of a number of trees and an increase in traffic at the junction had also raised concerns. 

However, a delegated report said of the loss of trees: "Although it is noted that a number of existing trees are proposed for removal, it is the opinion of the arboricultural officer that they are generally of limited value and/or poor condition, and their loss is, therefore considered to have a negligible impact within the wider landscape.

"It is considered that such removals would be offset by way of the proposed scheme of landscaping, as shown on the proposed landscaping plan, which proposes a suitable planting scheme in mitigation.

About 28 car parking bays have been included in the design. 

Originals plans also contained plans for a drive-thru restaurant, but these were removed following a pre-consultation period.

The petrol station will instead offer hot food and coffee to visiting customers, according to documents.