There is a chance stargazers could see the Northern Lights over Suffolk tonight. 

Aurora Watch UK said it could be possible to see an aurora at night after geometric levels peaked into the red alert "aurora likely" levels at 3pm on Friday afternoon.

The Aurora Borealis could be seen in the skies across the county in at the start of May with photographs of the natural phenomenon taken in Ipswich and at Framlingham Castle.

The lights appear as a bright curtain of lights in the night sky ranging in colours from pink to green. 

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A top tip for viewing them is to look toward the northern horizon and to get away from as much light pollution as possible such as by going to the Suffolk coast.

Dark and clear skies make it easier to see the lights and the Met Office said the county will have largely clear skies by midnight and into Saturday morning.

On Saturday the county is expected to see fine weather with sunny skies and highs of 24C.