An Ed Sheeran display meant to bring joy to passers-by has been destroyed with the figurine singer's legs stolen and his guitar destroyed.

The design of the singer sits pride of place on a fence in Stowmarket and has been a source of entertainment throughout this month since going up.

The life-size Suffolk singer has been created out of newspaper, tin foil and masking tape.

However, it has been a target for people in the area, with both the guitar being taken and damaged, as well as his legs being taken.

Stowmarket Mercury: Ed Sheeran on the fence before the vandalismEd Sheeran on the fence before the vandalism (Image: Sharon Kulesa)

Sharon Kulesa, the creator, said: "It's so disappointing.

"It's annoying, disappointing and very demoralising because you know how happy he makes people in the community, and people love to see it.

"The same community that enjoy it, are also annoyed that it keeps happening."

This is the first of Sharon's creations to be vandalised, having not had any issue with her previous creations including Boris Johnson and King Charles III.

Stowmarket Mercury: Ed Sheeran before the damageEd Sheeran before the damage (Image: Sharon Kulesa)

She continued: "Whoever is doing it is doing it in the middle of the night.

"I was quite confident that no one was going to mess with it as they haven't done with any of the other ones.

"The guitar was taken and damaged, the neck of the guitar and main part were detached so I have duct taped them together.

"Now his legs have been taken, made out of stuffed tights, meaning the jeans are still in place, dangling over the edge of the fence.

"It's just so frustrating because obviously, I have planned to carry on doing this and making more characters and people to put on the fence, but now, I wonder why if they are just going to be tampered with."

Stowmarket Mercury: The guitarThe guitar (Image: Sharon Kulesa)