An online fundraiser has been launched for a man injured in an early-hours car crash in a mid Suffolk village.

Brandon Edwards-Oakes, who was also in the car at the time, launched the GoFundMe page for his friend, George, who suffered fractures to his shoulder blade, arm and two vertebrae in the accident.

The page has already received more than half of its £2,000 target.

Brandon said: “George does a lot for everyone – he always helps people out. He loves his cars so he always helps fix other people’s cars. He’s lovely and always puts everyone else first. So now I thought would be good for people to show how much they care for him.”

Brandon set up the fundraiser to help support George while he is out of work and was particularly concerned that, as an agency worker at a warehouse, George would lack the certainties and legal protections of permanent employment.

The accident took place in Debenham Road in Little Stonham, near Stowmarket, at about 12.30am on Friday when the car veered off the road and hit a tree.

George was taken to Ipswich Hospital, where he underwent a three-hour surgery to pin his spine to avoid paralysis.

Brandon said: “George can’t really move that much. Normally at work he’s very chatty but since the accident he’s been very quiet.

“After the crash, its affected us all massively. But it’s affected George the most – he’s the one laid up in the hospital bed. I wish him a speedy recovery – he’s my mate and I hate seeing him like this.”

Both Brandon and the driver of the car suffered injuries, though these were not as serious as George’s.