Villagers have slammed the state of a mid Suffolk road after they were forced to take action against a huge pothole. 

Marc Bason had to cone off part of Combs Lane near Stowmarket to protect drivers from the defect in the road. 

The pothole first appeared at the start of December and has been left to get progressively bigger. 

Mr Bason said: "It's ridiculous.

Stowmarket Mercury: The size of the pothole in Combs LaneThe size of the pothole in Combs Lane (Image: Marc Bason)

"It has got to the stage that if you hit it you will get a punctured tyre or even some alloy damage."

Mr Bason said there was one day where a number of cars hit the pothole which required an AA call out. 

"We've had to take it upon ourselves to make it safe," Mr Bason added.

"The pothole is on a blind bend on a narrow road we had to do something to make sure drivers could see it and be safe.

"It's infuriating because if you hit the price of tyres nowadays are not cheap, and if you damage an alloy they are also not cheap.

"It seems like the council are just turning a blind eye to it and the amount of potholes that are on Suffolk's roads nowadays is just ridiculous. 

"We pay road tax and have to have our cars road worthy but the roads aren't safe for our cars."

It comes after a 19-year-old man was forced to abandon his car in Cavendish after hitting a huge pothole on Christmas Eve.

Mr Bason said a number of residents have contacted the council over the pothole. 

According to the Suffolk County Council website, the pothole has been reported 16 times since the start of the year. 

A spokesman for Suffolk Highways said: "We are attending site today to make the location safe with a temporary repair, ahead of a more permanent one.

"We thank residents for their patience and apologise for any inconvenience caused."