A tattoo artist who set himself a challenge to tattoo all original characters from Pokémon has raised thousands of pounds for an animal charity.

William Langford, a self-proclaimed 'Pokémon nerd' set himself the challenge at the start of the year to tattoo the 151 characters from the 1996 series of the franchise.

These tattoos were done at Zen Tattoo in Stowmarket.

Unfortunately, the challenge was unable to be completed within the time frame, with Mr Langford tattooing 61 of the characters.

Stowmarket Mercury: Will tattooed 61 of the original charactersWill tattooed 61 of the original characters (Image: Charlotte Bond)

This didn't hinder how much he raised for the Blue Cross, however, raising a total of £2,400 for the animal charity.

He said: "I was restricted by the time and the amount of people who booked in.

"People had made enquiries about the tattoos but never booked in for an appointment and I had a few not turn up for tattoos.

"I am happy with the amount we raised for charity though.

Stowmarket Mercury: Morena Turnbull receiving her tattoo of CuboneMorena Turnbull receiving her tattoo of Cubone (Image: Charlotte Bond)

"Considering I only did a little more than a third of the Pokémon I wanted to do, we managed to raise over half of my target which was £4,000."

Mr Langford states that the most requested character was Eevee, with Gengar and Ditto requested a lot also.

He said: "I expected more people to ask for the three starter Pokémon, but Eevee, Ditto and Gengar easily won the top three requests.

"I enjoyed the challenge and I'd still like to complete the original 151 Pokémon eventually, I've bought a poster of them for the studio to tick them off as I go.

"I'd also like to do more fundraising Pokémon events and perhaps make it an annual thing with a new charity each year, I will get planning something soon."

Stowmarket Mercury: Cubone was one of the characters tattooedCubone was one of the characters tattooed (Image: Charlotte Bond)