A month-long meteor shower will be visible over the Suffolk skies on an evening next week. 

The Daytime Sextantid meteor shower will be active until October 9, but those interested in trying to catch a glimpse of the natural phenomenon will be most likely to in the early morning of Thursday, September 28.

The shower will be visible from around 4.32am, when the most radiant point is over the eastern region. It should be visible until dawn breaks, which will be at approximately 6.13am.

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At its peak, around five meteors will be visible per hour. 

Meteor showers occur when particles of comet debris enter our atmosphere and burn up, appearing as shooting stars.

If you lay down or sit to see the shower, ensure that you are facing to the east and looking to about 14° above the horizon line. 

The meteors' radiant, the point in the sky from which they appear,  is the constellation of Sextans. 

Make sure to turn off phones and torches 15 minutes before to allow your eyes to adjust.