Welcome to the latest babies to be born in Suffolk during the national coronavirus lockdown.

Stowmarket Mercury: Bailie Hobson, born 14.02.2021Bailie Hobson, born 14.02.2021 (Image: Natalie and Simon Hobson)

Already 2021 has been a difficult year for many people, with tough restrictions on people's daily lives to curb the spread of the illness.

Stowmarket Mercury: Cordelia Strudwick, born 19.02.2021Cordelia Strudwick, born 19.02.2021 (Image: Victoria and Aaron Strudwick)

It has been a particularly difficult time for new parents, who would otherwise be showing off their new arrivals to friends and family but have otherwise had to cope with the challenges of bringing up a baby on their own.

Stowmarket Mercury: Alfie Clifton, born 26.02.2021Alfie Clifton, born 26.02.2021 (Image: Georgina Clifton)

However, these beautiful bonny babies have made coping with lockdown life just that little bit easier.

Stowmarket Mercury: Kenley Jordan, born 19.02.2021Kenley Jordan, born 19.02.2021 (Image: Courtney Thompson and Kieran Aldred)

We want to congratulate all of those who have become new parents so far this year - so here is a chance to show off their new arrivals and celebrate the babies with our latest gallery.

Stowmarket Mercury: Jack Benjamin Mason, born 26.02.2021Jack Benjamin Mason, born 26.02.2021 (Image: Ben and Laura Mason)

Later this month, we will be appealing for photos of the babies born in March for our next gallery.

Stowmarket Mercury: Freddie-James Peter Warner, born 06.02.2021Freddie-James Peter Warner, born 06.02.2021 (Image: Mollie Wells)

Stowmarket Mercury: Oakley Steven Gray Mutch, born 12.02.2021Oakley Steven Gray Mutch, born 12.02.2021 (Image: Rachael Apperley)

Stowmarket Mercury: Albert, born 03.02.2021Albert, born 03.02.2021 (Image: Chloe Cronin and Brendan King)

Stowmarket Mercury: Maya Jane Seager, born on the 24/02/2021Maya Jane Seager, born on the 24/02/2021 (Image: Kirsty Fisher)

Stowmarket Mercury: Parker Harrison Phillips, born 08.02.2021Parker Harrison Phillips, born 08.02.2021 (Image: Vicki Phillips)

Stowmarket Mercury: Oscar Harvey, born 17.02.2021Oscar Harvey, born 17.02.2021 (Image: Sam Harvey)

Stowmarket Mercury: Connie Jean Pike, born 27.02.2021Connie Jean Pike, born 27.02.2021 (Image: Christy and Jake Pike)

Stowmarket Mercury: Lennon Ridley, born 23.02.2021Lennon Ridley, born 23.02.2021 (Image: Courtney Woodsford)

Stowmarket Mercury: Bella Mae Andrews, born 09.02.2021Bella Mae Andrews, born 09.02.2021 (Image: Lauren Hadley)

Stowmarket Mercury: Arthur, born 09.02.2021Arthur, born 09.02.2021 (Image: Tessa Bond)

Stowmarket Mercury: Nellie Eliza McNamee, born 27.02.2021Nellie Eliza McNamee, born 27.02.2021 (Image: Chloe and Billie Quinton)

Stowmarket Mercury: Freya Violet Autumn Kirk, born 05.02.2021Freya Violet Autumn Kirk, born 05.02.2021 (Image: Jessica Vale and Dalton Kirk)

Stowmarket Mercury: Maxwell James Owen, born 03.02.2021Maxwell James Owen, born 03.02.2021 (Image: Kat and Chris Owen)

Stowmarket Mercury: Elijah Sonny Thrower, born 03.02.2021Elijah Sonny Thrower, born 03.02.2021 (Image: Tony and Clare Thrower)

Stowmarket Mercury: Maisie Lynch - born 24.02.2021Maisie Lynch - born 24.02.2021 (Image: Saffron Clements and Liam Lynch)