Storm the "big bouncy" puppy and Barney the "incredibly playful" boy are among the dogs looking for a new home in Suffolk.

Here are seven pooches currently at the Suffolk Animal Rescue centre.

Could you give one of these dogs its forever home?


Chester is looking for an active home and owners who understand how crazy a lurcher can be.

His new owners need to be experienced enough to continue his training and to be able to keep his mind busy while teaching him more about the world.

He knows some basic commands and walks well on a dogmatic.

Chester loves attention and a fuss, however he can become over excited and 'mouth' — although staff say he is getting better at not doing this.

Age: 18 months

Breed: Lurcher cross

Can he live with other animals and children? Cannot live with other animals or children, but could have dog friends.


Unfortunately, Storm has not had the best start to his life.

He is looking for an experienced home which understands dogs and is willing to continue to train him.

Storm loves human contact and does not like to be left alone. He can also react badly to other dogs and cats.

He is full of energy and would be happy spending all day playing with his new owners.

Staff at the centre say Storm has a lot of love to give, and loves to chase leaves and play with his toys.

Age: 9 months

Breed: German Shepherd

Can he live with other animals and children? No


Barney has been with the animal shelter for a while and is an incredibly playful boy who loves other dogs.

He is very nervous of new people and takes a long time to warm up to them, so will need multiple visits before he is comfortable with potential new owners.

Staff say he is a very loyal dog who loves a scratch and a game of chase when he is comfortable in his surroundings.

Age: 2 years

Breed: Sharpei (Bone Mouth)

Can he live with other animals and children? Barney can live with other dogs, and can be cat tested but he cannot live with children.


Princes is an old girl who is looking for a warm sofa to sleep on.

She has a grade four heart murmur which will need ongoing treatment and has very little experience of the outside world.

She is looking for a slow-paced home and is happy for small walks or time in the garden.

Although Princess loves being outside she cannot do much exercise due to her heart murmur.

Age: 9-and-a-half

Breed: Jack Russell cross Patterdale

Can she live with other animals and children? Princess can live with older calm dogs, can be cat tested and can live with older sensible children.


Rosco is looking for his forever sofa to soak up the sun on.

He craves attention from people, loves belly scratches and a game of tug of war.

Due to Rosco having been treated for cancer, he is looking for a quiet and rural home.

All his vet costs will be covered by the rescue centre.

Rosco is also looking for a female-only home with no children or other pets.

Age: Older

Breed: Staffie

Can he live with other animals and children? No


Wally, who has been in foster for some time now, is an energetic boy who loves to be on the go.

He has lived with some other dogs previously but is now looking for a home where he is the only dog.

He has to be walked on a muzzle as he will mouth when he gets over overexcited or frustrated.

Wally is looking for experienced owners who can channel all his energy into something good.

Age: 17 months

Breed: Lurcher (husky cross collie cross saluki cross greyhound)

Can he live with other animals and children? No


Bobby has unfortunately had a failed adoption and is now in fostercare awaiting his perfect home.

He is very touch reactive and has a bite history so needs a home which understands his behaviours and gives him space.

Bobby has a strong dislike of men so is looking for a female-only home.

Members of staff say Bobby is a complicated boy who needs an experienced home with patient understanding owners.

Age: 2 and a half years

Breed: Jack Russel cross chihuahua

Can he live with other animals and children? Bobby can possible live with another confident dog and cats but cannot with live with children.

More information on all the animals can be found on the animal centre's website.