A black cat left to fend for himself on the streets and an former feral pair of six-month-old kittens are just some of the adorable pets looking to find a new home in Suffolk.

Suffolk Animal Rescue was formed in 1997 and specialises in providing new homes for cats if their owners are no longer able to take care of them.

Here are 10 cats at the charity on the lookout for their forever home.


Suffolk Animal Rescue said: "Jester is an absolutely stunning 5 year old black cat. Poor Jester was left to fend for himself along with a large group of cats after their owner died.

"He is a very loving and affectionate cat. He loves a tickle and will purr and purr whilst you stroke him.

"He could live with other friendly cats, a cat savvy dog and children over 5."


"Renee is one of our ex feral girls, she would love a new home. She would like a feline companion.

"Renee came to us last year with a litter of kittens and has of course now been spayed and chipped and blood tested for FIV/Felv. She is approximately two years old.

"Being feral, she needs an adopter willing to give them time to settle into their new home, a safe room to start off in and gentle encouragement to gain their trust."


"Tom is a stunning black and white domestic shorthair who is roughly two years old.

"Tom was a stray who was being fed by a very kind gentleman for the last year however due to his feeders health he was taken to the vets to be found a home.

"Tom is an extremely friendly boy who loves a tickle and will meow at you for attention."


"This is Charlotte, one of several cats trapped at a poultry factory. She is approximately five years old, has been spayed and blood tested and chipped and is just waiting for a new home.

"Charlotte is going to be a keen hunter so needs a home that can accept presents she brings along.

"A country home would be her ideal away from busy roads."


"Daisy is a timid little lady, who just needs a quiet home where she can potter around, have fusses and naps.

"She is now 13 years old, but in good health apart from being overweight!

"Daisy needs a quiet home, she would make an ideal companion for someone older who is happy just to let her be. She really is a sweetheart who deserves to be loved."


"Paddy is a very handsome black cat. He is aged between three to five years, but as he was a feral cat we don’t know is exact age.

"It has taken him a while to trust people and will require owners who can give him time and space to settle in and grow in confidence.

"He would like a stress free home where he can go outside once he has settled in."


"Here we have the lovely Codley, an approximately four-year-old boy.

"He could possibly live with a female cat and would be fine with older children.

"He needs a safe place as would definitely need some outside space."


"Meet Tim. He is a little monster.

"He is very spoiled and likes his own way. But he can be very cute when he trusts you and likes to sit on your lap for love and cuddles.

"Tim is about two years old, neutered and chipped."

Two six-month-old kittens

"These two little ladies are approximately six months old, now spayed, blood tested and chipped.

"They are part of a large feral job we cleared a couple of months ago and these two are now ready for a new home.

"Initially they will need a secure room into which they can settle for as long as they need, and absolutely no access to outside for at least a couple of months."

  • If you are interested in adopting any of these cats, contact Suffolk Animal Rescue here